Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Seventy-seven Clocks

Seventy-Seven Clocks: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery (Bryant & May #3)Seventy-Seven Clocks: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery by Christopher Fowler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Exploding suspects, poisonous snakes, irate members of the gentry, and Gilbert and Sullivan all come together in this trip into the early days of the Peculiar Crimes Unit. This wasn't my favorite of the PU mysteries so far--the crime was a bit convoluted and I felt like there were too many character's back stories mixed into the action--but it was still a very good novel. The characters of May and Bryant are such opposites that they play off each other really well. 
Look at this fog. The damp gets right into your bones. It's doing my chest no good at all. I'll need a vapour bath." Bryant pulled down his scarf and peered over the sodden hedge. Dew had formed on his bald head and ears. He resembled a minor Tolkien character."You're getting old before your time," warned May. "I can't imagine what you'll look like in your eighties.""I'm ageing gracefully, which means not trying to look like a member of Concrete Blimp.""I assume you mean Led Zeppelin...” 

This book counts toward the What's in a Name Challenge as it has a number (spelled out) in the title.

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  1. Glad it was still good nonetheless. Well done on this What's In A Name category :)


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