Monday, December 29, 2014

Lisa's Review: You Might Be from Nova Scotia If...

You Might Be From Nova Scotia If... by Michael de Adder

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
You Might be from Nova Scotia If... is a collection of humorous cartoons depicting what it is that makes Nova Scotians so...well, Nova Scotian.

Even though I moved from Nova Scotia to New Hampshire 18 years ago, part of my daily routine is to scan the Chronicle Herald (the daily newspaper in NS) online. Part of that daily scan includes checking out the editorial cartoon, often which is a creation of Michael de Adder. So when my parents gave me this book for Christmas, I knew there would be some great illustrations - de Adder has definitely put together a collection of amusing and thoughtful cartoons in this book.

A few of my favorites were:

 "You can pronounce Kejimkujik, Tatamagouche, and Musquodoboit."  ~ I would add that you might be from NS is you can spell them too.

 "You sing the answer whenever anybody asks for the number of a cab in Halifax."  ~ And now I can't get that Casino Taxi jingle out of my head!

 "You freak out if Nova Scotia is mentioned in an American movie."  ~ Yes, guilty...I still remember the Nova Scotian salmon reference in Ghostbusters.

This is my tenth book read for the 8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge.


  1. I'm originally from Nova Scotia and have just put this on my to-be-read list ... thanks :)

    1. You're welcome Teena! Hope you enjoy it too :)


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