Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cook it Up! Fix it and Forget it Recipes for Entertaining

For my Febuary Cook it Up! Challenge book I picked Fix-it and Forget-it Recipes for Entertaining: Slow Cooker Favorites for All the Year Round by Phyllis Pellman Good and Dawn J. Ranck. I only ended up making one recipe from this book, my month turned out to be less at home than I expected.  I made Brats and Spuds (p. 79) which was a delicious combo of sausage, potatoes, and kraut. It was a perfect supper for a cold snowy Sunday night. I have several other recipes marked in the book so next time I want a slow cooker dinner I will know just what to make. The  Green Chile Corn Chowder (p. 159) may be next up.

This is the last month of the Cook it Up! Challenge link ups, but I plan to keep choosing a cookbook and writing about it on the first Saturday of the month anyway. During March I plan to cook from Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown. 
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  1. I love Alton Brown and have tried some of his recipes from His sweet corn bread pudding is a favorite of mine for entertaining. I recently pulled my slow cooker out after not using it for a couple years and it reminded me that I need to get that tool back in the rotation!

  2. The best intentions, eh? I know how that goes. I'm curious about that Alton Brown book ... I await your thoughts.

  3. I will miss the Cookbook Challenge, even though I kept forgetting to link up my posts! I've looked at the Fix It and Forget It cookbooks at the library a few times, but haven't checked one out. I used my slow cooker over the winter a lot more often than usual, but still only once or twice a month, when I had hoped to use it more than that, but slow cooker meals tend to be high in carbs, so I have to pick and choose the ones that hubby will be able to eat.

  4. I like using my slow cooker, especially in the winter. It's so great to come home from work and have a hot meal waiting.

  5. My month sounds a bit like yours. I did cook a few things from books but not ONE book like I had been doing. I would love to see the Brats and Spuds recipe! Sounds like something everyone in my house would enjoy.

    Love Alton Brown!! And feel free to continue to link up with Inspiration on Monday since you're continuing on with the challenge. :) And feel free to share a recipe that you loved so we can make it too!


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