Saturday, December 7, 2013

Foodies Read 2013 Challenge Wrap Up

I signed up for the  Foodies Read Challenge 2013 at the Pastry Chef level (4-8 books) and finished reading 6 books that met the criteria. 

Two novels: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and the Bordeaux Betrayal (which was in my original list of books I planned to read)
Two books about food companies: Stirring it Up and Bitter Brew
One food history: Soul Food
One cookbook: United States of Pie

I like reading foodie books and hadn't done it as much as I used to in recent years, so I enjoyed this challenge. I only finished one of the 3 I set out to read though, so there will be more foodie books on the reading list for 2014. The Foodies Read Challenge is on for 2014 and I will probably sign on again.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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