Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A-Z Challenge Update - June

I thought it was time to check in with a progress report on the Authors A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Samantha Lin. I have realized that I read a lot of books by authors whose last names begin with M, B, and R.

Here is what I have read so far:

A - Ariely, Dan (The Upside of Irrationality)
B - Bourdain, Anthony (Kitchen Confidential)
C -Capote, Truman (In Cold Blood)
E - Eble, Kenneth (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
G - Grabenstein, Chris (Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library)
H - Holloway, Emma Jane (A Study in Ashes)
K - King, Laurie R. (Garment of Shadows)
M - Mandel, Emily St. John (Station Eleven
O - Offill, Jenny (Dept. of Speculation)
P- Pratchett, Terry (The Colour of Magic)
R -Rosenstrach, Jenny (Dinner: A Love Story)
S - Sayers, Dorothy L. (Murder Must Advertise)

Apparently my plan of reading whatever I was going to read anyway is not going to be enough to complete this challenge. My new plan is to choose specific letters each month and search out a book for each to read that month. For July I am looking for D, Q, and Z. August will be F, T, and Y. September will be I, N, and X. October will be J, U, and W. November will be L and V and in December I will have a chance to catch up any that I didn't get read in the designated month.

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