Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cook it Up! Anytime Appetizers

For the Cook it Up! Challenge I am selecting a cookbook randomly from my collection each month and trying to use it as much as possible during the month. October's cookbook was Better Homes & Gardens Anytime Appetizers. We almost never eat appetizers, so this was a bit of a challenge, but I ended up making 3 things from the book this month. 
I made a blue cheese and brandy cheese ball, except I made it in a log shape. It was delicious despite the fact that I only had about half the brandy it called for. It was especially good spread on toasted bagels. I also made a salsa with some of the tomatoes from the garden which was much better after I added some cumin and a dash of cayenne pepper. My third recipe was snack mix. I made the curry version which was good. This is your basic Chex Mix concept, with different flavoring options. This recipe makes a smaller batch than my go-to recipe and takes about half the time. There is an herb-pecan variation I plan to try with the rest of the cereal and pretzels I bought for this recipe.
November's book is The Ultimate Soup Cookbook. It is the book that the soup I plan to make for dinner tomorrow is in and my husband thought it would be a good book for cold, wet November weather. I have had this book for a couple of years and have made a handful of recipes from it. Mexican Pork Stew (a new recipe) and Cheddar Scones (which I made before) is the plan for tomorrow night.  
This post is my November link for Cook it Up! and is also linked up with Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads


  1. I have a hard time coming up with good appetizers. It was interesting hearing about the recipes you tried. Thanks!

  2. I would never have thought of spreading the cheese ball on a toasted bagel - they're firmly linked to crackers in my head - but that sounds amazing! Enjoy your soup cookbook! Perfect time of year for that one.

  3. I'm like you - we never eat appetizers and, when I entertain, it's usually just one or two other couples for dinner and I put out a simple cheese plate. I love the soups book, though. I love making soups in the winter and today was a great day for it (rainy and cold).

  4. It's hard to go wrong with a salsa using tomatoes fresh from the garden! And we love soup, so I can't wait to hear what recipes you decide to try for November.

  5. I could eat soup every single day, so I'm very interested in this. That cheese sounded good, and I like that you repurposed it for bagels.

  6. I enjoy making appetisers to take along for parties or serve when I have friends over, often I'd be happy to just eat them :)

    Happy cooking!

  7. I think I'll be going for soups this month as well. I have a crockpot full of chicken stock simmering away at home and I've been thinking all day about how I want to use the stock tonight! Maybe chicken tortilla? Or chicken and dumplings?

    I'd be interested in the chex mix recipe. I love munchy food like that (though like you I don't often make appetizers).


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