Monday, November 13, 2023

Nonfiction November - Week 3

This week is all about book pairings and is hosted at Adventures in reading, running and working from home

This week, pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title. Maybe it’s a historical novel and the real history in a nonfiction version, or a memoir and a novel, or a fiction book you’ve read and you would like recommendations for background reading. You can be as creative as you like!

I have two pairings made with books I have read this year.

  • Africa is Not a Country: Notes on a Bright Continent by Dipo Faloyin with Maame by Jessica George.
    The first is a celebration of the unique history and culture of various African nations and the second is a novel about a young woman whose family is from Ghana and how she is dealing with life in contemporary London. Both include discussions of Jollof rice which I got a chance to try at a festival this year. (It was delicious)

  • Come Tell Me How You Live by Agatha Christie Mallowan with Lord of the Silent by Elizabeth Peters. The first is Christie's memoir of her time on an archaeological dig with her second husband in the 1930s and the second is a novel set in the early 20th century set in Egypt and featuring a family of British archaeologists. Any of the novels in this series would be a match, but that is the one I read this year.

For an overview of #NonFicNov visit She Seeks Nonfiction.


  1. I particularly like the first one, great pairing! I love jollof rice, which I've rather oddly had in Milton Keynes, not the most Afrocentric of places! Thank you for taking part.

  2. Now that I have read the Lucy Worsley biography of Agatha Christie, I'll have to read Christie's memoir!

    1. That's funny because now that I read the memoir I definitely need to read the Lucy Worsley bio!


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